GCS-2 CAN bus to serial converter


GCS-2 converter is intended for data conversion between CAN bus (Controller Area Network) and RS232 serial link. Coverter contains x51 based microcontroller, 32 kB of RAM, 2 kB of EEPROM, galvanically decoupled CAN circuits, RS232 or RS485 serial communication circuits and power supply circuts.

Converter software converts CAN data frames into RS232 messages. Commands received from RS232 transmits as CAN data frames. Data exchange on serial link is protected by protocol.

GCS-2 converter is used mainly for creation of  supervisory control and data acquisition systems on PC. Driver for Control Web SCADA system from Moravian Instruments and DLL linrary for C++ Builder and Delphi from Borland is available.

CAN bus traffic monitoring and communication with control modules with CAN interface from service programs are the other tasks solved by GCS-2. Converter software modification allows to adapt it for other functions.

GCS-2 is placed in plastic enclosure with 2  connectors and 4 indication LEDs that signalize power supply, CAN traffic, RS232 traffic and PC communication status.

Converter is powered from 230 V power supply adapter.

Technical data
Power source
Power voltage
Pover current
12V ( 230/12V adapter)
12 V /.100 mA
RAM memory
EEPROM memory
32 kB
2 kB

CAN bus from power and RS232, insulation strength 500V

Communication interfaces
CAN ISO 11898
Mechanical description
152 x 82 x 31 mm
150 g
Working conditions
Temperature range 0 ~ 50C
Protection IP 20


CANON 9-pin male
CANON 9-pin female
jack plug-in