Tensometric load cell transducer HSO-1




Tensometric transducer HSO-1 converts low voltage load cell signal to digital data. Its key features are

  • DC amplifier for resistive transducers
  • For static and dynamic applications
  • CAN or RS485 communication interface
  • High transmission rate and resolution
  • Memory for users setting
  • Robust aluminium case

Tensometric load cell signal is processed with high precision 16-bit analog converter. Communication line and microcontroller circuits are galvanically decoupled.

Implemented software allows  efficient communication with other devices through CAN bus interface. HSO commands allows  setup  transducer working mode according to customers requirements and save it in non-volatile memory. 

HSO is used as a data source for NLC controller , VTT terminals or other control units. On this base control systems of weighing  equipment is built.

Transducer is covered in robust metallic enclosure with IP65 protection and is well suited for industrial weighing system building.

Technical data
Power source
Power voltage
Power current
10 - 24V DC
max.150 mA
Measurement range
± 2 mV/V, can be recalibrated
Input signal resolution
16 bit
Temperature koefficient
0.01% / °C
Sample frequency [per second]
Filter cutoff frequency for -3db
262,131,65.5,26.2,15.72,13.1,7.86,6.55,2.62 Hz
Bridge power voltage
Bridge resistance
ł 100 W
Bridge wiring
CAN (RS485)
RS485 comm. speed
9600Bd, can be changed
CAN interface
ISO 11 898
Mechanical description
Enclosure material
Dimensions (excl. cable glands)
174 x 78 x 56 mm
max. 1200 g
Working conditions
Temperature range
0 ~ 50°C
12 screw terminals for  max. 2,5mm2