Analog input module NAS-X



Analog input module NAS-X  is intended for universal, precise and cost-effective analog signal measurement in all branches of industry. Its primary function is to measure, filtrate and transmit analog values in selected units on CAN bus.

Module consists  of high precision AD converter, microcontroller core, CAN communication circuits and also galvanically decoupled power sources for microcontroller core and CAN communication interface.

Module is placed in a robust aluminium and plastic combined enclosure for DIN rail.


Module is controlled through CAN (Controller Area Network). Communication interface implemented in NAS modules allows to setup the input signal range, calibrate the output value range and control the sampling and filtering of analog input signal. The transmitted data are directly useable by master controller without need to solve mentioned tasks in their software.

 NAS - X order code

Type Signal input
NAS - 1 20mV - 2.5V
NAS - 2 0(4)-20mA
NAS - 3 PT100
NAS - 4 Thermocouple J


Technical data
Power source
Power voltage
Power current
24V10% DC
max.150 mA
Analog inputs
Voltage input
Current input

Input resistance for current input
20 mV - 2,5 V
0 (4) - 20 mA
Pt100 sensor
thermocouple  J
100 W
0.9 mA
Measurement accuracy
AD converter resolution
Sampling time
Input signal filtering
16 bit
50ms per channel (for 16 bit resolution)
user adjustable floating average

Analog input from power and CAN interface

CAN interface from power

Communication interface
CAN ISO 11898
Mechanical description
for DIN rail
57 x 72 x 59 mm
150 g
Working conditions
Temperature range -10 ~ +50C
Protection IP 20
14 screw terminals for  max. 2,5mm2