Process Controller NDS-1



ObrázokNDS-1 process controller is intended for universal, precise and cost-effective control task solution in all branches of industry. Its primary function is to measure and display analog values in selected units, communicate with other devices and control actuators.

Process controller has 5-digit LED display, 4 switches, 2 limit value relays with  LED indicators, microcontroller core and communication circuits, analog input circuits and output circuits. Analog input can be replaced with tensometric input module,  Pt100 module, 3 binary 24V inputs module or 2 binary input module with NAMUR level.

High measurement precision and stability is guaranteed with 16-bit A/D converter. Analog input module allows measure standard current and voltage signals, Pt100 and thermocouple sensor signals

Microcontroller circuits and CAN or RS485 communication circuits are galvanically decoupled. Real time clock allows use controller for  time control tasks solving.

Output circuits consist of 2 relays and 1 transistor output (changeable with binary input). Relay state is indicated with front panel LEDs. Display consists of 5 7-segment LED indicators that allow to display all hexadecimal digits and some special characters. Numbers at range -9999 to 99999 can be displayed. Decimal point position can be defined.

Process controller configuration and parameter setting is realized by setup menu and saved in EEPROM memory. Unit is powered by 24V power source.

NDS-1 controller is buit as front panel plug-in module. This enables its to be installed and replaced very quickly without special tools and without disturbing the wiring.

Process controller is TUV certified.

Technical data
Power source
Power voltage
Power current
24V±25% DC
max.150 mA
Display characters
Char set
Char height
16 chars, 2 fonts
13mm, red LED
Analog input signal
Voltage input
Current input

20mV, 80mV, 1.25V, 2.5V
Limit relays 2 with common pin, 250V/5A
Selectable input/output
binary 24V DC 8 mA
transistor 24V DC 0.2A
Measurement resolution
16 bits
 yes, Li battery backup
Communication interface
RS 485 or CAN
Mechanical description
Panel cut-out
front panel
48 x 96 x139 mm
45 x 92 mm
4 micro switches
300 g
Working conditions
Temperature range 0 ~ 50°C
Front panel
Back side
IP 54
IP 20
16 screw terminals for  max. 2,5mm2


NDS-1 process controller can be used cost effectively for a wide class of automation tasks. Measurement, presentation and regulation of technological values it can realize separately or together with other control components. Relay outputs can be used for actuators control and regulation of measured value at given limits.

NDS-1 with current and voltage input can be used for measurement of different physical value sensor signals with standard analog output. For example humidity, pressure, pH, absolute tank level can be measured and regulated in this way.

PT100 input module allows use NDS-1 directly with resistance thermometer without using of more expensive temperature sensors with standard output signal.

Binary input module with standard 24V or NAMUR level allow use NDS as pulse counter. It is frequently used with  flow meters with pulse output, for produced pieces counting etc. Concrete production, liquid mixing and dosing are a good example of its implementation. 

Tensometric cell input module allows use NDS as a control unit for weighing equipment. CIO input/output modules can be controlled by NDS. Thanks to that NDS  IO count can be increased and the unit can control equipment closely related to weight. Thanks to that very cost effective control units of dosing weights and packaging units were realized.

NDS-1 can be used also as a simple data terminal controlled by CAN from another control unit. CAN allows also dynamic parameter setting at all working modes.

NDS-1 software can be modified so that the unit can closely satisfy any customer needs.